Photos of August 12 Launch at Dodds Park

  1. Mark Joseph's Aerotech Initiator
    Mark Joseph's Aerotech Initiator on an F39-6 reload

  2. unidentified rocket

  3. unidentified rocket

  4. Will Carney's Python
    Will Carney's Python flys on an E30-4

  5. Will Carney's Python on a parachute
    Then comes down on a homemade 24 inch purple parachute

  6. Will Carney's Shadow
    Will Carney's Shadow takes off on an E11-4. It went up very nicely, but there was a problem with the ejection and it pranged. Hopefully it will fly again.

  7. unidentified rocket

  8. Jeff Deem prepping his rocket
    Jeff Deem preps his Maniac at the pad

If you recognise your rocket send me a message at and let me know what rocket it was, what the motor was and any details about the flight you want to mention.
Last updated on August 19, 2000