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Calling/leading/teaching dances

  I'm currently involved in a project for the University of Illinois Kinesiology Department in which I am teaching contra and English country dances to senior's to determine if exercise such as dance, where you use your mind as well as you body, is more beneficial to cognitive health than purely physical exercise.
fiddler & dancers Contra Dancing

The Urbana Country Dancers

The Champaign-Urbana January Jam

18th century dancers English Country Dance

The Central Illinois English Country Dancers

English Country dancing in the swimming pool

  English-American Dance & Music Weekend
  English Country Dance Playford Ball
wreath English Country Dance Christmas Ball
CDSS Logo Country Dance and Song Society
  What makes a good dancer?
  Tips on dancing with beginners
contra dancing
A graphic for use in promoting dances by Phil Good-Elliot


CIA logo Model Rocketry

Central Illinois Aerospace

  GARLO 2012: 20 Years of CIA
The Great Annual Rocket Launch Of 2012
NAR logo NAR - National Association of Rocketry
TRA logo Tripoli Rocketry Association

The Order of the Vibratory Snoid

  The Snoid Reunion

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